As Life Moves Forward by Kelly Jablonski

For the third year in a row I have been lucky enough to partake in one of the world’s toughest amateur road bike races in the world. Tour Trans Alp takes place every June and challenges 1,300 riders in teams of two to the most challenging 7 days of their sporting lives.  Cycling nearly 900km thru the Austrian and Italian Dolomites in 7 days, but the biggest challenge is the near 20,000 meters of elevation gain.  Each day is a grueling adventure that each individual rider must get thru.  The highs and lows of the ever changing weather makes each stage unique.
2.5 years ago I barely survived a catastrophic plane crash; since that time this race has helped to give me strength and focus to continue to push forward.  The journey since surviving such an event is hard to explain but many that have been thru near death events I am sure can understand.  This race for the 3rd year now has helped me endure the challenges that have surrounded nearly every part of my life since that fateful day back in 2011.  The raced has also been a way to help me control at least one aspect of my life, that being my fitness and ability to push myself on the bike.  
My Iphone and Olloclip have been a big part of my journey since my accident and more importantly has helped me capture the amazing images of my latest journey at this years Tour Trans Alp.  For those that have adversity in their lives which in time we all encounter, I hope this small post can help inspire you to continue to move forward.  
The best way out is always through - Robert Frost
A huge thank you to Olloclip for helping me take such amazing photos that really do capture my journey! The wide angle lens is my favorite tool!
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